You’re the only TEN-I-SEE

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We have been so busy the past week, we actually have 2 videos for you one is from our visit in Gatlinburg and the other is a hike we saw some interesting things.... anyways hope you enjoy! PS: Brittany the beer wasn't that impressive but they didn't have much competition.

There’s always that one place you never expected to leave an impression on you. Look beyond the “tourist trap” label and learn to appreciate the history in Gatlinburg TN.  With so much to see and do, including the neighboring town of Pigeon Forge, its nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains just minutes away from epic trails and scenery. We honeymooned here back in October 2015 and have been talking about it since we left. We knew we had to make the stop (even if out of the way) and re-visit the memories we made here. Famed for its “Vegas of the South” atmosphere, its actually nothing like Vegas. Sure, it has the typical tux and wedding dress rentals by the hour, but it holds all the charm you find in a small town minus the “glitz” an “glamour”. 
Moonshine was on the menu and we were one of the first to arrive when the doors opened….I promise this was coincidence. We sampled at multiple locations and made our way back to our favorite pizza spot. We absorbed all this little town had to offer in a small amount of time since we had anxious dogs back in the RV looking for an adventure. 
With temperatures hovering around 95, we sourced the local water hole and headed down for a swim. Juneau is still learning not to be afraid, but we’re slightly optimistic since Bailey didn’t start swimming until she was almost 3. We’re chalking that up to a traumatic swimming day she had with her Auntie Brookie when she was a puppy. Now its harder to keep her away from anything resembling a puddle. 
We were given some inside info from our campground host about little known trails just inside the Smokies. The waterfall hike was eight miles roundtrip and listed as “strenuous”, but after Shenandoah National Park, we were feeling confident. Another miscalculation on our behalf. It started off as a stroll for a good two miles, but quickly let us know why strenuous was the chosen adjective. Exhausted and dripping with sweat, we fought the urge to turn back and made it to the falls. After convincing Brandy we (she) can do this, including carrying her pack along with mine, the 100 foot falls made it worth the effort. On the way down we were caught in a pretty nasty thunder and lightning storm which offered a little relief from the heat. Even with Brandy’s near death experience with a non-poisinous snake, the Smoky Mountains will always be one of our favorite hiking locations. 

Love Always!

The Hunters

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  1. That was amazing… the hike looked really strenuous but that snake freaked me out… I would have screamed and 🏃 as fast as possible the rest of the way..
    You both look as though your having the best time ever… I’m soooo happy for you.. Be safe always.. I love you..❤️

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