Virginia is for lovers

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Virginia is for lovers!

Hi Everybody!
Thanks again for all your interest in our blog it means a lot that so many family and friends are curious and wanting to know about our travels to Alaska. Feel free to share our adventures with your friends we know a lot of you said this was something you wished you could do and at least this way we can share our experiences!
“Virginia is for Lovers”, or so the state moto says that anyways. We took full advantage of this while staying here for 2 nights. We ended up in an RV resort conveniently down the street from Shenandoah National Park. After setting up the camper and a quick dip in the pool, we relaxed and planned our next days of adventure! 
We headed over to Shenandoah and drove 45 (out of 105.5) miles along “skyline drive” to get to the Cedar Run trail head. The park says this trail is a difficult hike but at only 3.4 miles round trip how hard can it be? At approximately .4 miles in, and holding back 2 eager dogs, we realized when they said "difficult" they didn’t mean "easy". The trail had a constant, steep, downward grade with multiple slippery rock paths. After careful concentration to not roll an ankle, we were rewarded with multiple waterfalls and swimming holes along the way. The dogs had a blast making certain to stop at anything resembling water while we sat and enjoyed our much needed breaks (expecially the return uphill slope). We reached the top at a less than stellar time and rung out our shirts feeling very proud of our accomplishment. On an 85 degree day, we could assume we were trecking through a brazilian rain forest. 
While making our way back to the entrance, we were lucky enough to meet up with a large black bear. He acknowledged our presence and continued to paw at the ground scavenging for food. Thankfully, neither one of us were on the menu. Wishing we had more time to explore this state, we thoroughly enjoyed everything Virginia had to offer. 
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2 thoughts on “Virginia is for lovers

  1. Please don’t go near the bears 🐻
    They just might be hungry enough to want a sweet little snack..💁
    I love ❤️ you both…

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