Rocky Mountain High……Colorado

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After a swift (ha) drive through Kansas & Misery- commonly known as Missouri to the locals and pronounced "Miz-ur-ah" for no logical reason, one would ask themselves why anyone would live in a flat, barren land with nothing more than hay stacks and corn. Aside from surviving a heat more powerful than a thousand suns, we could not see any allure to either state after maximum effort. 
Colorado was one place on the list we were excited about getting to. In our opinion, it’s severely under rated and probably one of our favorite stops so far. We were looking to slow down a bit and stay a day or two longer than normal, but a week later we realized we had to force our departure.  
The Rocky Mountain region quickly revealed that it had a lot to offer. We hiked about 20 miles, saw a decent sized bear off the trail and learned more than expected about early civilization there. The countryside has a little of everything. An abundance of red dirt, rolling green fields and views that not even a post card is worthy of. 
We stayed at a couple different state parks; Eleven Mile and Sylvan Lake but also got to visit Mueller State Park, the Town Cripple Creek and Garden of the Gods. These destinations kept us extremely busy and all held their own individual treasures. Colorado is amazing and we can not wait to return.
Love Always
Mike, Brandy, Bailey, and Juneau 


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High……Colorado

  1. Wow 😳 you guys are amazing..
    Colorado truly is a gorgeous state..
    Grampa and I visited twice.. breathtaking scenery..
    Bailey and Juneau look extremely happy… where to now??
    Be safe and be happy 😊…….
    I love you both…💜💙💚💛❤️

  2. I just love reading and watching your posts… a little piece of my heart is with you wherever you go,…. and Charlottes lantern. hahaha
    Always praying for you! love you both! and keep posting, i feel joy and love. 😉

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