Vacationland & Lobster Boats

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Vacationland & Lobster Boats


Wow! I can't believe we are here. Welcome, and thank you for your curiosity in our adventure! Mike and I drove to Addison, Maine on Monday, June 26th, to spend some time with friends and family up here before taking off on our own. Our biggest adventure so far has been spending a day with Uncle Kevin and my cousin Tyler lobster fishing. Neither of us got our hands too dirty but I touched a couple lobsters (was kind of afraid to actually hold one) and held a giant hermit crab. Other than that, we did a lot of observing and are pretty much professionals now, HA! This visit has been great for a "dry run" for living out of the camper since we have fully hooked up and have spent the past 4 nights sleeping in our new home. I've also been spending a lot of time cooking and drinking wine with my aunt Bonnie! Life in "Vacationland" couldn't be more perfect. We've seen 10 deer, a bear, countless hummingbirds, a Savannah Cat, Seals, an eagle, and a loon.

As I type this post, Mike is on the phone with a rep at Tire Warehouse after one of ours went flat on the truck overnight. Just want to share how bumpy a trip like this can get only 5 days in. Yikes! We'll keep you all updated and for now we are putting the spare on and going to buy a new tire.

As always thank you for joining us and we love you all!!!

The Hunters <3


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