Kentucky: Bourbon and Caves

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Kentucky was amazing! If Satan had a vacation home this would definitely be the place. For three days we continuously felt wet while burning in the 100 degree heat. Other than that, we opted to spend most of our stay underground. Who knew! Mammoth cave national park has hundreds of miles of documented caves right below the surface of Kentucky and they stay at a constant cool temperature (around 54 degrees). 
We suited up in our overalls, threw on a hard hat outfitted with light and headed down about 200 feet below the surface. Our guides were super knowledgeable and led us on a 3 mile journey through all kinds of terrain. We had to “pre-qualify” and be able to fit through openings no larger than 40”. If crawling on your hands and knees through an entry way only slightly larger than your body isn’t your thing, than Intro to Caving is not the tour for you. Three hours later, we made it back to the surface, slowly exiting the darkness while squinting heavily and brushing off the now dried mud. Seeing marine life encapsulated for millions of years and remnants of early explorers, was worth every ache and pain we endured that night.
Before we made our way to the caves, we had enough time to visit Buffalo Trace Distillery on our way to TN. Well worth the stop and filled with more history than we were expecting! Our tour guide ended up being a 3rd generation descendant from the original proprietor! They hold thousands of barrels of whiskey including one in the smallest warehouse in the world. With just one barrel of whiskey, it is only replaced after the next 1 million barrels are produced. Surprisingly enough, less than a 3rd of whiskey will be left, in a once full barrel, after aging 18 years. 
Again thank you for your curiosity and we love you all!!
Mike and Brandy

4 thoughts on “Kentucky: Bourbon and Caves

  1. I enjoy so much reading about your daily adventures.. almost feels like I’m right along with you.. idk 😐 3 hrs in an underground cave … I can only imagine..
    enjoy your adventures and I’ll be watching from my recliner..
    I love ❤️ you both!!!

    1. <3 if we are only writing this for you ma i still would haha thank you <3 we both love you so much. ps offer still stands if you want to join us ;)

      1. Thank you hun… never know.. I might just hop a plane ✈️ and spend a few days with you in the great state of Alaska!!! woohoo!!

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