Alaska 2013

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This post is a little bit of a throwback for us. It feels like an eternity ago we were sitting at our kitchen table talking about going on vacation and not having a clue where we should go. We have a friend that lives in Alaska so when she invited us out and we saw that airfare was fairly inexpensive, we decided this was it! Alaska Here We Come! We booked the tickets just after the busy tourist season and we packed our bags, camping gear, hiking boots (no camping or real hiking actually happened) and made our way West.

Below are some pictures of the trip; the first day we visited a musk-ox farm, we got to visit Denali hoping to see some bears, but only catching a glimpse of one about 300 yards away. We visited an old abandoned gold mine in Hatchers Pass (attempting to pan gold and failing miserably) but it was still fun and worth it. The tourist season was over along with the fishing season so when we made it as far south as Homer, it was deserted but still so beautiful and how we would expect Alaska to be. Feel free to let us know your favorite parts of Alaska and any suggestions or questions for us when we make it there this fall!

Love always,

The Hunters

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