Mike & Brandy Hunter


It was dead at Ruby Tuesdays almost every weeknight. He would come to sit at the bar after his night classes and I would be serving tables, scraping up pennies to pay my way through school and be able to afford my apartment. Every Thursday night I would be the last waitress to close down the restaurant, and Jamie was the closing bartender. Jamie plays an important role because she is the one who would actually give him all the details of my life as I shyly answered questions she threw my way; apparently making him want to get to know me more. Almost no communication actually happened between this extremely handsome stranger and I, but I was swoon. I pictured his perfect life, wife, and 3 adorable children waiting at home for him. Little did I know then, he was a single dad to one 13-year-old son, coming in to see me, not because Ruby Tuesdays was conveniently across the street from where he was taking night classes or because of their famous Asiago Steaks!

One Thursday night I threw off his routine, I wasn't there to close down the restaurant. Apparently this must have been the trigger to get him to actually say something to me. This is when history was made. I received a text message, whoa! I know....,very modern and classy. Anyways, it read, "Hi, I'm Mike, I hope you don't mind that Jess (another bartender from the restaurant) gave me your number." Of course I didn't mind. I then received another text this time from Jess, "Hey just gave your number to that cute guy that always comes in."

We moved in together shortly after and continued our crazy schedules. We were both in school but only our last year. We worked ridiculous hours while we weren't in class and didn't really get to spend a lot of time consecutively together. So we went on vacation, Alaska here we come! Between getting married, and renovating our house we added 2 dogs to our family. Mikes son Jordan moved in and we went on quite a few more trips. We are truly blessed on how much traveling we have been able to do, but it still didn't seem like enough. So the time came when we decided to sell our house, buy a truck, a camper and take this crazy life to the road!


Bailey Hunter: Summer 2013
Denali Alaska: Fall 2013
Yosemite, California: Fall 2014
Mr & Mrs Hunter: October 2015
Cades Cove, Tennessee: Fall 2015
Juneau Hunter: 2016


We will miss frequent visits from alot of family and friends, and Jordan is going into the Airforce so we decided we could share our stories & photos from where ever we are… provided there is internet.

And so, to make a long story short…

Hunter Highway is born

Photos, Videos, and stories soon to come!

With Love,

The Hunters