Abandoned Pennsylvania

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Welcome Back!

If there was ever a time during this trip where we thought we'd be staring in our own horror film, Pennsylvania was it! At first there seemed to be an abundance of abandoned farm houses and barns scattered along our route. Don't get me wrong, this state is beautiful with rolling hills, vast pasture, all scattered with horses and cows, but we may have just stumbled upon the creepiest places here.

Tower road was our first "boondocking" experience since we had set up the camper to run off grid solely on battery and propane for over a week. We rolled into Cowens Gap State Park and the fog rolled in with us. After climbing almost 3000 feet to the tower, we set up camp realizing that we were in the middle of a script for another cheesy slasher movie (standby). Visibility was between 50-30 yards and there wasn't a sound in any direction. It was going to be a long night.... After we woke up the next day and realized we were still intact, clearly not learning our lesson, we packed up quickly and head to the Abandoned Turnpike Pennsylvania. 

The Abandoned Turnpike Pennsylvania is probably the coolest stop so far! it’s over ten miles of highway, tunnels and bridges just left there untouched. We later learned that it was used during the filming of “The Road” back in 2009. This apocalyptical site has been preserved for tourists but surprisingly enough, not very advertised or easily accessible. 

We will definitely be back to visit since we’re sure not all of it is scary but glad we stumbled upon these great spots. Remember to Subscribe at the bottom of this page to easily follow our journey from the 9th state to the 49th state!

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The Hunters

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