Walking to an Island?

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Walking to an Island?

Yup, you read that right! At low tide we can walk to the family owned island, Harriets Haven. Fun fact, the island was purchased by my Great Great Great Grandmother for 2 bushels of clams! Anyway, on the drive there to park the truck, I finally got a picture of a deer! Once there, we were off on foot through the bottom of the muddy ocean. Also, I learned how to use a chain saw (apparently this will be good for Alaska but what do I know?)

Update on the tire: Mike used the spare that came with the truck and replaced the damaged tire this morning so we could keep on trucking.

Tomorrow we head to Burlington, VT for the night and then will continue to upstate New York.

Thanks for checking in. Love you all!

Mike and Brandy

2 thoughts on “Walking to an Island?

    1. THANK YOU RANDY đŸ˜€ its always fun getting to go out to the island but walking was a whole new experience haha we love you too!!!

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